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Fairy Glen

The A832 as it travels through the Fairy Glen near Rosemarkie suffers from structural problems which are the subject of regular work by the Highland Council. Click here to view the geotechnical report that was commissioned in August 2011.

Earlier this year (2012) I asked for an update on the progress of the A832 Fairy Glen inspections and received the following response from the Highland Council TEC services

"The monitoring inspection regime has been set up to visually identify and monitor the slope in general and focus on critical areas. Offlets were cut into the RHS (right hand side) downward bank to allow excess water to drain away, however much of the drainage system is in need of replacement. The repair made in July 2011 is stable some other areas are showing signs of stress. The Highland Council TEC services are going to implement an emergency action plan and set about designing a scheme to stabilise the slope. This stabilisation scheme will be considered for inclusion in the council’s capital program. I would confirm however that if there was a further slip before the projects can be considered for the Capital Program I can use emergency powers to carry out appropriate repairs".

The Highland Council TEC services road engineers continue to make regular inspections of the A832 at the Fairy Glen.

UPDATE 4-12-2012

Engineers that were seen working on site recently were in fact surveyors who were carrying out a very detailed survey of the road embankment as part of a first stage study. The consultant engineers have identified some areas of further study which will be resurveyed in time. From this information the consultant engineers will design a ground investigation which will obtain information on ground conditions (such as soil type, water within the soil, rock level etc...) which will confirm the failure mechanisms involved as well as provide information which will be used in the design of any solutions.

Meantime the consultants are investigating and considering the drainage system and its role in a solution.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see a number of people working on investigations within the Fairy Glen. This activity is purely information gathering in order to provide an accurate picture of the problems which have been occurring and provide information which will be used in future solutions.

In the meantime Highland Council officials and consultants will continue to observe and monitor.

UPDATE 5-02-2013

The survey work has been completed and the consultant is at a stage where they are awaiting the return of tenders for the ground investigation. The ground investigation is split into two tenders due to the specialist expertise of the contractors involved. These consist of one tender procuring specialist geophysical survey work and one tender procuring general site investigation work.
Highland Council TECS officials anticipate that the ground investigation works will commence within the next few weeks but this depends on weather and external information from the utilities. The geophysics survey is expected to commence first.

An updated programme of works detailing what will be happening in the next few months has been requested. Regular investigations are continuing.

UPDATE 6-02-2013

A small slip occurred towards the bottom of the Fairy Glen left hand downward slope just up from the bridge recently. TECS officials have been informed

UPDATE 24-02-2013

TEC services are continuing to monitor the Fairy Glen and have placed indicator markers along the small slip that occurred earlier this month.





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